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a simple idea

Hi, my name is Mark 👋. January 2019, I heard a sermon that changed my life and inspired the model for Givr. The pastor (Jay Pathak) made the case that we can transform our communities just by being good neighbors. We all need a support system, and relationships are one of the most effective ways to address many social issues. Jay used a powerful demonstration to prove his point. He asked each of us to write down the names of just 8 of our neighbors. Not only was I unable to fill out all 8 names, but out of a crowd of ~400 people, I wasn’t alone. Only 10 people could complete the exercise. At that moment, I knew there was a problem

givr creates neighbors

I spent the next couple months getting to know the people I immediately thought of as my neighbors – the people with houses and apartments next to mine, and it was incredibly rewarding. But after a few months, I realized I had overlooked some of my neighbors, those who needed community the most - our neighbors experiencing homelessness. I walked past these people on my way to work every day, and I wondered why I just kept walking. I started having conversations with others, and it hit me. People want to help - they just aren't equipped with the right resources. Let's make it cheap, easy, and rewarding to connect with our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Ultimately, our mission became to change the way we view and engage with these individuals, starting by learning their name and seeing them as neighbors because we believe that just being a good neighbor changes everything. We are supported by generous volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time to serving those their neighbors in need.

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ceo & co-founder

Why I chose to #beagivr: everyone deserves to be seen, valued, and loved.



Why I chose to #beagivr: to help every person know that they have equal dignity and worth as a human being.

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