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With monthly care packages delivered straight to your door, help someone in need and learn a name doing it.

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Once you subscribe, you'll receive two care packages every month, delivered straight to your doorstep.

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When you're out in your community, give your package to someone in need — learning their story in the process.

Learn a name.

Join our Givr community by sharing who you met and the impact you made.

“Awesome opportunity to connect with our homeless neighbors."

Andrew L.

three months ago
“[Givr] has been transformative to how I view people on the streets."

Vijay M.

four months ago
“Provides so much more value than spare change or loose bills."

William T.

three months ago
“...a phenomenal way to bless my neighbors."

Jansen V.

four months ago
“ easy way to to those experiencing homelessness."

Brian M.

four months ago
“...a great way for me to automatically keep my homeless neighbors in mind."

Luke C.

four months ago
“...convenient...instead of having to create them on my own."

Jill F.

four months ago
“a way to a personal way rather than through distant donations."

Jansen V.

four months ago
“Their subscription service is simple and secure."

Brian M.

four months ago

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over 1,000 packages shipped!

what comes in a care package?

essential items deliver what's in need.

A pair of socks in every care package! Plus, rotating items from each category below...

Hygiene Items

Basic hygiene items like tissues, toothbrushes, and band-aids are a must for those experiencing homelessness.

Seasonal Items

Depending on the season, Givr rotates through products meant for the conditions and environment in your area.

Nutritious Food

In every care package, we offer nutritious food and snacks that are dense in protein and other nutrients.

take the first step to serve your community.

two care packages a month

we source in bulk to save on prices

essential items



Per delivery

Impacts 2 people

1 Month of Care Packages

Shipping Included

Cancel anytime

2,500 care packages shipped!

have additional questions?

Read more from our FAQ’s or click below to get in touch.

How does Givr’s model help those experiencing homelessness in the long-term?

We started Givr to foster and maintain relationships with our neighbors experiencing homelessness. We believe that knowing, loving, and being there for our neighbors will create long-term benefits.

Why is doing Givr better than making a care package myself?

Walking into a grocery store or pharmacy to buy someone a meal or hygiene items is amazing. But we design, buy, and pack each care package so that you can focus on things that truly matter to you: starting conversations, learning names, and loving your neighbor. And since we're buying in bulk, we can pass those savings along to you. As we grow, we will be working with community organizations to employ our neighbors experiencing homelessness to pack these care packages.

How can I stay safe while passing out the Givr care packages?

Only engage people who you feel comfortable approaching. Don’t feel the need to cross gender lines. Go as a group to pass out the care packages. Don’t pass out a Givr care package at night or if it’s not in a well-lit area.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime on the dashboard if you're on a monthly plan. If you prepaid, you may cancel at the end of your prepaid period.

I’m scared to walk up to someone I’ve never met and start a conversation. What should I say?

This is where the care package comes in handy! Simply ask if they would like a care package. If they say "yes," then you can ask them what their name is. Feel free to offer your own name if you're comfortable doing so. If they say "no" or you don't catch their name, that's ok! Just by acknowledging them, you can make an impact.

How can I trust that the items in the care packages will be useful for those experiencing homeless?

We have worked with homeless shelters and, more importantly, our neighbors experiencing homelessness to assemble each care package. And if you know someone with a particular need, feel free to email us at and we will try to accommodate your request.

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