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Our mission at Givr is to learn as many names as possible. Names from all over the world. To the right, you'll see a live listing of the names and stories that people have shared through their Givr experiences. Submit your own by subscribing to Givr and sharing a name learned in your dashboard.



Norfolk, VA

I met Rick as I was walking to my car. He was sitting on a bench, headphones in, as I walked up to him. He later told me he often listens to gospel music or radio sermons. I asked if he'd like a Givr package and he said, "Well purple's my favorite color so that's a good start!" He was very thankful to receive it. He was in the same spot the next day, and we had a long and awesome conversation about our mutual faith in Jesus. He always has with him this nice purple bible, and I learned that he often ministers to others who are also homeless. I'm grateful to Givr for providing a vehicle through which we can more easily form these relationships.



Columbia, SC

Trying to get back to Charleston




I met Angel while in my car waiting for a light and he appreciated the care package.



Virginia Beach

I met Kelly near an intersection while I was waiting for a light. I didn't get to talk with her for very long but she was appreciative of the care package.

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