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Our mission at Givr is to learn as many names as possible. Names from all over the world. To the right, you'll see a live listing of the names and stories that people have shared through their Givr experiences. Submit your own by subscribing to Givr and sharing a name learned in your dashboard.




I met Angel while in my car waiting for a light and he appreciated the care package.



Virginia Beach

I met Kelly near an intersection while I was waiting for a light. I didn't get to talk with her for very long but she was appreciative of the care package.



Virginia Beach

Lamont is a former carpenter by trade who is now homeless. He was asking for help/support near an intersection, and I gave him a GIVR care package. He was very grateful. A follower of Jesus, he said he likes that others can see his state of homelessness because he believes it'll make others more thankful for the things God's provided in their own lives.



Washington, DC

I pass Jesse every day on my commute into the city from work. He sits on the off ramp off of Route 66 onto Constitution Ave. When I gave him a Givr bag, he told me he had been at the intersection for 28 years, and had been extremely blessed by the people he sees on that corner.

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